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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Baan Dinner Set Cupboard by Paitoon Keatkeereerut and Chawin Hanjing

Dinner time is usually family time where we can all get together an share stories with each other. Baan Dinner Set Cupboard was inspired by the atmosphere of family gathering, warm, relax, and enjoyable time. Just like someone says “A house is not a home, a home is where the heart is.”, the word Baan means home in Thai language, it represents culture, behaviors, and feeling. The combination of black round steel frame with solid ash wood for the structure create this cupboard a modern touch to your dining room. Designer : Paitoon Keatkeereerut and Chawin Hanjing The unique house shape for the cupboard is specially designed for the purpose of dinner usage, the character and unique appearance is related by its function. The cabinet system has several different compartments for different functions for example you can see cutlery insert and box of tissues next to chimney and fireplace. You can hang those wine glasses that act as a chandelier, there’s a dish rack that symbolize

Villa in Nagano by Cell Space Architects

Cell Space Architects designed the Villa-K in Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan. Project description This site is located on a hilltop in one of the eminent Karuizawa villa areas. All directions around the site are clear for view in winter.The villa consists of four parts of floors and four parts of roofs around a central pillar. The four floors placed on different levels are connected to the surrounding out space through windows in order to give diverse views for the residents. The inner spaces are divided into four parts and, on the other hand, are connected in a spiral around the central pillar. The four roofs are connected with different angles one another. Sunlight coming through the slits between the roofs highlights the division of the inner spaces. Architect: Cell Space Architects Photography by Masao Nishikawa

Urban Alloy Towers Project Is Located Above The Intersection of Elevated Train Lines

Urban Alloy Towers are the future vision of AMLGM where we’re going to live. Dynamic cities of the 21st century, something like New York, are anthropomorphic alloys that act as the center for innovation and social cohesion. These are the cities that will shape the dynamic societies of the future with their evolving demographics. Easy instant communication access and the city livability attract top minds (business, art, fashion, technology, etc.) to dwell in it. In order to ensure the future of New York City as the leading global center, it has to continue evolve in smart ways. Urban Alloy Towers would be residential towers rooted in remnant spaces that surround the intersection of transportation infrastructure such as freeway intersections or above train lines. It’s been designed to draw the energy of the city into different areas without interrupting the existing land use. This proposed design and specific materials aim to optimize a heterogeneous and highly linked set of living e

JINS MEME Glasses Track Your Health Through the Movement of Your Eyes

At first sight, it looks just like an ordinary black framed glasses, but take a look closer, you’ll find JINS MEME glasses are incorporated with small device that tracks its wearer’s health. The device has great ability to accurately sense and read any tiny differences in electrical potentials (Electro Oculography) generated by the movement of user’s eyes. It is highly sensitive to any changes in your mind and body that you might not even notice, it measures how you feel, how tired you are, whether you’re sleepy or not, and many more. It’s an eyewear that lets your outer “Me” to meet your inner “Me”. Designer : SWdesign Since almost 80% of human senses are centered in and around the head, this device provides almost 90% of vital information of your 5 senses which can be perceived through the eyes. The main secret lies in 3 sensors which are installed in the portions of the frame that touch the face, while the 6-axis acceleration sensors are located at the tip of the earpie