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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Moister Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle for The Year of 2030

Renault Moister is a design study to create a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for the year of 2030. We are dealing with environmental issues, as you probably aware, designers are coming up with many underground cities concept realizing the possibility for future habitats. This futuristic vehicle has been designed based on the unique form of water, yes, the same element that gives its power. Unfortunately there are not further details we can get from the designer, hopefully, we can update this again in the future. Designer : Antonio Yang Min-Seok Moister Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle for The Year of 2030 is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Hilarious Life Hacks For Dogs (7 pics)

If you're a dog owner you might have a tough time trying to figure out what your dog is saying from time to time. Don't worry these pictures should help.

Poktu Supplements Dispenser by Lukas Avėnas

In the future, you might not need doctors to get some basic medical check-up. Poktu Supplements Dispenser would like to replace 50% of what doctors do, this medical device maintain your health from the comfort of your own home. Simply place your hand over it for a few second, Poktu will measure various aspects of your health by scanning your palm. Yes, your hands can reveal the state of your overall health. Once your hand is scanned, this device gives you suggestion about what kind of nutrients you need today, it dispenses nutrients in pills, tailored exactly to suit your body needs. This process makes it easier for you to maintain your health every day since it changes over time. Poktu can be integrated with other medical device to create a more complete picture of your health. Designer : Lukas Avėnas Poktu Supplements Dispenser by Lukas Avėnas is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Narrabundah House by Adam Dettrick Architects

Adam Dettrick Architects have designed the Narrabundah House in Canberra, Australia. Project description Form follows function in this new home in Narrabundah, with different activities within the house uniquely expressed on the exterior. Spatially the home is defined by the separation of living areas from sleeping areas with a central hallway. The living areas open to the north at the rear, harnessing the winter sun and addressing an elegant eucalypt. At the front they twist dramatically to the south east, catching beautiful views over Scott St and across rolling country towards the distant Cuumbuen Nature Reserve. Walls and roof telescope beyond the living areas at each end of the house to shelter outdoor space and offer privacy to both occupants and neighbours. Sustainability principles and simple passive design techniques underpin the environmental performance of this home, with good orientation, sun shading, double glazing, heavy insulation and non-toxic materia

Elwood by Robson Rak Architects

Robson Rak Architects in collaboration with interior designers Made by Cohen and stylist Joan and Veda, have completed the contemporary renovation and extension of an Edwardian home, located in Elwood, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Architect: Robson Rak Architects Interior Designer: Made by Cohen Stylist: Joan and Veda Photography by Shannon McGrath