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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

These Parents Are Having Way Too Much Fun (20 pics)

Food Feeder Plus For Easy Transition From Liquid to Solid Food

The transition from eating liquid to solid food can be frustrated for both parents and the baby. Food Feeder Plus can be your solution if you’re struggling with this issue as a parent. Conventional spoon feeding exposes baby to the risk of choking, while the traditional one-way spoon feeding method makes your baby becomes passive participant in the feeding process. This little feeder has been designed to make your children pro-active in self-feeding during meal time . Babies usually show favoritism towards certain toys or objects, they can also claim their own preferences for eating. How many times you have to experience when babies close their mouths as the spoon comes near them? Or when they bat the spoon as soon as it comes close to their mouths? Designers : Herman Lo and Justin Cheung Food Feeder Plus has been carefully designed to encourage baby to eat independently, the shape of this feeder enables baby to hold it by themselves. It is one of baby developments when they st

ALON House by AABE

Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners designed the ALON House, located in France. From the architects “Disconnecting”; a wall cuts the home off from the world outside: the French coast distorted by common town planning. On the other side, the sea. This is our escape. Nature stirs. Wind bends tree trunks. The roof bows before a bustling environment. Bedrooms transform into terrace: a concrete passageway leading outside. A moment to breathe; punctuation in sentences. The sea has its source at our feet. A tile-covered ceiling salutes the spirit of Proven├žal homes. Below, only wood and concrete form the building. Beyond any codes, the natural, raw materials stand eternal. Concrete has a soul; it has something to say. The bedrooms sit alongside undergrowth. Two intimate, comfortable places facing each other. On one side, trees provide shady spots, on the other, a mass of concrete offers protection and a cool haven. The billows which cradled the imag