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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Acapulco House by Flavio Castro

Architect Flavio Castro has designed the Acapulco House in São Paulo, Brazil. Project description The house is composed by 6 squares grouped in pairs. Within this compositional rule, two subtractions were made at opposite sides to form two venues: the garage in the front and the social area behind. The different relationships that they establish with their neighbors (other squares) were determinate by the unevenness of the floor, transparency and accessibility. In the sketch below is possible comprehend this. Clearly we can perceive one middle axis that articulates empty halves and a pavilion in the backyard that creates a dialog with the main house In the left side, there is a succession of rooms is a space width 5.50 m tall and huge transparency in parallel facades to the street. This transparency reaffirms the continuity of the space. Only one discontinuity happens by the stairs that leads to the upper floor. Metallic self-supporting, acetic and colorless, it c