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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Cella Urban Planter Pods Bring You Closer to Nature

Cella Urban Planter Pods project aims to bring people closer to nature. It doesn’t matter if your house/apartment is small, these little pods will fit just right. Each pod is constructed of flexible, lightweight plastic material, it can be used to house mosses or small plants. You can combine all these pods to create a small garden for both indoor and outdoor, pretty cool heh? The unique feature of Cella is that it adapts to its surrounding, you can hang them onto the wall or roof, you can even simply place it on your desk as a stand alone pod. Designer : Ecoid [ Pre-Order ] The project itself was developed based on a green roof project called “Mosspebble” at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. Why moss? Well, it’s because moss gathers all its nutrients from air, they don’t need soil, they just need a certain level of shade, wind, and moisture. The small, organic shape makes this unit perfect for urban home, you can install it on any surface, there’s no limit to yo

Danguole Jokubaitiene - Arte

Recojo una muestra de las obras de " Danguole Jokubaitiene ", si te gustan y quieres ver más pásate por su espacio en facebook.

The Coolest Pancake You're Ever Going To See (8 pics)

Eagle Bay Residence by Paul Jones and Zorzi South

Architect Paul Jones together with builder Zorzi South have designed the Eagle Bay Residence, located in Western Australia. Project description Winner of the 2014 Master Builders Association South West Home of the Year and six other awards for construction excellence, this beautiful home was designed by renowned architect Paul Jones and Zorzi South,and stands tall on top of the dune, right on the beach at Eagle Bay. Interior design by Nina Dempster from Ozbyrd Design brings an understated elegance to this home. From the customised lift to the Coolroom, the home comes complete with every convenience one could ask for whilst still maintaining a relaxed and casual, beach house feel. The use of natural timbers are predominant, with the recycled tallow-wood floorboards, painted white cedar-lined ceilings and walls and solid cedar cabinets dominating the interiors whilst the complete exterior is clad vertically in pacific teak. These raw timber textures juxtapose t