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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Sand Babel : A Skyscraper Constructed of Sand Using Solar Powered 3D Printing Technology

Sand Babel looks like a futuristic building in desert. It’s a conceptual and ambitious project constructed of sand which are plentiful material using solar-powered 3D printer. This building will be a group of ecological structures, scientific facilities or tourist attractions. The main structure of this building is divided into 2 parts, the first part is above the ground while the second part is partially above the ground and partially underground. The first part consists of several independent structures for a desert community while the second part connects several buildings and creates multi-functional tube network system. Designers : Qiu Song, Kang Pengfei, Bai Ying, Ren Nuoya, and Guo Shen The material is sand, yes, you read that right, the main portion of this structure is constructed with sand. The top structures are inspired by natural phenomena known as Tornadoes and Mushroom rocks, something that is pretty common in deserts. The spiral skeleton structure is very

Every Job In America

Every Job In America

Alarm Glasses for Hearing Impaired People by Sangjin Joo

The main idea of this project is to alert deaf people to potential dangers around them. Alarm Glasses have been designed especially for hearing impaired people who have hard time walking down the road. Since they can’t hear what’s coming from the side or rear, it would be very dangerous for them to cross the road alone. They are not able to hear any car’s horn or sound coming from the blind side, so, this device is dedicated to tackle those issues. Designer : Sangjin Joo This glasses will notify user whenever there’s loud sound such as shouting, car’s horn, alarm, etc. it uses 2 different methods to notify user, first, it translates sound into visual animation by creating color and wave moment, in this way, they know how alarming the sound is. For example, Alarm Glasses use red to indicate how loud the sound is as well as the danger, yellow for lower volume of sound. The second method is to give a vibration on the rear-side part of these glasses to get user’s attention.

G12 House by (se)arch Freie Architekten

(se)arch Freie Architekten designed the G12 House in Ɯberlingen, Germany. Design: (se)arch Freie Architekten Photography by Zooey Braun