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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Smart Ways to Combine Content Marketing With SEO

Smart Ways to Combine Content Marketing With SEO

Futuristic Kodigy Watch with Hexagonal Watch Face

This new Kodigy watch concept features hexagonal watch face and displays the time to you according to your choice: Code -by default- a simple alíen key, it is based on the known sequence 5-9-12 or if you prefer with digits. KODIGY changes the color of displays from dark -AM- to -PM- clear, it may also indicate the date or warn if you wish, with an alarm. Reading order is the same for numbers and code, its interpretation is explained in animation below. Different technological solutions can be used: LCD, TFT… according to energy savings intended, as well as different finishes and materials. Designer : José Manuel Otero for [ Tokyoflash ] The potential for the development KODIGY is very high: animations, colors and other more advanced features including touch technology can evolve it to a smart watch. Stand out among other features, the originality in arrangement of the display follows a pattern of hexagonal mesh, sleek style, readability. This simple and technological appea

Flexi-Bike With Rotating Frame Allows You to Change Your Riding Posture

Flexi-Bike , just like it’s name suggests, it’s a flexible bicycle with rotating frame that allows its rider to change its shape. By changing its shape, it means rider would have to change his/her riding posture as well, it is an ideal bike for people who love diverse biking experiences using a single bike. Within the frame, there are 3 circular rotating joints that you can use to adjust the shape of the bike, it will dramatically change your posture when you ride the bike on any terrain. The LED display attached to the handlebar is very handy to provide you with essential information such as bike’s speed, calories burnt, or distance traveled so far. Designer : Yoon Hoon Flexi-Bike With Rotating Frame Allows You to Change Your Riding Posture is originally posted on Tuvie

Shuairan 35m Sail Yacht Is A Combination of A Motor Yacht and A Sailing Yacht

Shuairan 35m Sail Yacht blends the technology of a motor yacht with the world of sailing yachts . This concept yacht wants to give you the benefits of both worlds, 2 types of boats, 2 ways to navigate, combine 2 philosophies which often work in opposite way. The exterior boasts sleek lines with a hull by the high-bulwark and large windows. The deck house is characterized by complex shape and aerodynamic profile. At the stern, there’s a configuration of sofas lounge as you can find on motor yachts, but with two consoles for instruments next to the two rudders. Forward to the rudders, there’s an area of the external dinette, removable if necessary, to leave more freedom to maneuvering the event of the regatta. The deckhouse, as mentioned, has sculptural forms, yet still provides aerodynamic characteristic. The inspiration came from observation of the fish and their gills. At the bow of the deckhouse, there’s a sunning area with sofa and sun bed and even this can be dismantled, in the

GIPES Institute by NBJ Architects

NBJ Architectes have completed the interior renovation of GIPES, the Institut de Formation des Professionnels de la Santé in Avignon, France. Project description The project is an interior renovation of an existing building and seeks to establish a coherent whole operation by adapting the program to the needs and uses of new users. The intervention is essentially a reorganization of interior spaces, limiting interventions on buildings and ensuring optimization of quality and comfort of use. The general principles of circulation of the old building are maintained and adapted to the standards required by the change of destination. To provide a spatial quality and attractiveness to the central atrium, the “hanging boxes” are deposited along the passageways in level 1 and level 2. They are spaces of conviviality and collaboration between students, teachers, and administration. The staggered views offers a real centrality to what was previously a simple empty