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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

April Fool’s Day Pranks (48 pics)

Facebook and Want to Connect The World From The Sky With Free Space Optical Communication

Connecting the whole world to the internet using Free space optical communication, or FSO . It’s an ambitious project of Facebook and to bring affordable basic internet services to everyone in the world. Let’s face it, at this moment, there are still many places without any phone connection, let alone internet connection. We all have enjoyed easy access to information to find jobs, connect with friends and families, start businesses, and many more, thanks to internet connection. According to recent study by Deloitte, the internet has played very important part in driving economic growth in developing countries, it also solves many social and economic challenges. By expanding internet access, we could possibly create more than 100 million new job and lift millions of people from poverty. Facebook takes new approach to bring the internet to everyone by developing new platforms based on the principle that different communities require different technical solutions. For examp