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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

The Citriodora House by Seeley Architects

Seeley Architects designed the Citriodora House in the town of Anglesea, Australia. Project description ‘Citriodora’ is a holiday retreat set amongst a stand of beautiful Lemon scented gums, near Australia’s famed Great Ocean Road in Anglesea, Victoria. It is one of a number of inspired beach houses that Seeley Architects have designed over the past 10 or so years in this small coastal holiday hamlet. The name ‘Citriodora’ is derived from the botanical name of the beautiful trees that dominate the northern corner of the property. Inspired by the affects of the coastal winds, the form of the roof gently rolls, mimicking the shape of the wind pruned coastal vegetation. There is both simplicity and complexity in this building with large negative spaces offering views to the sky, battened screens proving visual privacy to the neighbours and two massive concrete walls forming a prehistoric spine through the middle. A thermal heat soak for th

Map of the Internet 2.0 Poster

Map of the Internet 2.0 Poster

Sofa and Loveseat (3 pics)