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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Yan Yaya - Arte

Recojo una muestra de las obras de " Yan Yaya ", si te gustan y quieres ver más pásate por uno de sus portafolios en la web.

A House-sitter’s Hilarious Email Updates (5 pics)

The first e-mail Simply said the house was fine and he was cleaning the windows for me. I really hope this one is shopped, he is a big guy so the proportions are correct The first e-mail Simply said the house was fine and he was cleaning the windows for me. I really hope this one is shopped, he is a big guy so the proportions are correct Third e-mail "Dude, they just took everything" Fourth e-mail "So I got you a cool lawn ornament" Last e-mail " I saw a spider" caption changed courtesy of @ktm450 so please go and upvote some of his stuff

NASA Z-2 Suit : Biomimicry, Technology, or Trends In Society

Nasa has released 3 designs for Nasa Z-2 Suit where you get to vote which one should be our next generation spacesuit platform. It’s an upgraded version of Z-1 suit which was named as one of Time Magazine’s best invetions of 2012, now the Z-2 takes this spacesuit design to the next level in commitment to a final flight-capable design. Basically, this spacesuit marks several milestones for NASA : First surface-specific planetary mobility suit which is tested in full vacuum The first use of 3D human laser scans along with 3D printed hardware for suit development and sizing It utilizes most advance impact-resistant composite structures for the upper and lower torso system It integrates suit-port concept with a hard upper torso suit structure The most adjustable hard upper torso suit built to this date. It’s your exciting oppportunity to suit the winning spacesuit which look unlike any other previous suit built before. The previous Z-1 suit has received so many positive response,

Tree House by by Miró Rivera Architects

Miró Rivera Architects have designed the Tree House, located in Austin, Texas. Project description Early sketches of this private residence explore the play between the steep, sloping site on which it lies and two curving rooflines—one concave and one convex. At the street front, the concave roof forms a low, unassuming façade that respects the scale of the neighborhood and provides privacy for bedrooms and studies. Simultaneously, the convex roof shared by the living, dining, and kitchen spaces opens the interior of the house to a canopy of oak trees and a small pool. The local and natural materials of the exterior wrap into the interior of the home; stone walls and dark wood floors are contrasted by clean lines and glass above, creating the feeling of lightness. Large glass windows and sliding doors take full advantage of the sweeping views of downtown Austin, dissolving the boundaries between interior and exterior, while deep overhangs f

Gyeonggi Children’s Museum Climbing Gym by Luckey

Luckey have designed a climbing gym for the Gyeonggi Children’s Museum in South Korea. Project description Situated in the Gyeonggi Children’s Museum, Gyeonggi, South Korea, this climber is Luckey LLC’s tallest climber, at 53′-4″. This climber was conceived as a kind of child’s construction, made out of bendy straws. Kids can access it from the ground floor or via the bridge attachment on the 2nd floor, which creates an even more dynamic flow of children! Its base is the denser area of the climber, filled with bent surfaces in orange, blue, brown, white and magenta, which evoke different beverages enjoyed by children! The discs slowly start to dissapear, until one reaches the zenith of the journey, at the top of this enormous and energetic structure! Design: Luckey