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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Visualizing NBA Passing Frequency Data

Visualizing NBA Passing Frequency Data

Parking Master (7 pics)

Range Rover Sport with four women on board fell down while parking. No one got injured.

Tron-Style Appliances by Wagner Conz

Tron, an American science fiction movie has inspired many designers to come up with Tron-style products. This time, we got a submission from Wagner Conz, a Brazilian designer, a set of kitchen appliances inspired by Tron Legacy. “The fiction of today is the reality of tomorrow” … such expression can be confirmed through the movies, where the future is created and recreated with no limits to the imagination, and which we realize that the impossible today is possible tomorrow. For people plugged in fiction and technology, here is the appliances line inspired by the Disney movie – Tron: Legacy, with its futuristic DNA, tracing each line of the project. Designer : Wagner Conz Tuvie has received “Tron-Style Appliances” project from our ‘ Submit A Design ‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication. Tron-Style Appliances by Wagner Conz is originally posted on Tuvie

The Lake Travis Residence by Hsu Office of Architecture

Hsu Office of Architecture designed the Lake Travis Residence near Austin, Texas. From the architects Built atop a sloping site off Lake Travis, this two story custom residence utilizes a bisecting plan to offer flexible open space and respond to the grade of the site. Natural materials such as wood siding, stacked ledge stone and stucco are used to tie into the landscape. A large butterfly roof and expansive windows capture views and embrace the surrounding vista. Architect: Hsu Office of Architecture Photography by Lars Frazer

Futuristic Honda NM4 Vultus Concept Motorcycle with Adjustable Backrest

Honda NM4 Vultus concept motorcycle was unveiled at 30th Osaka Motorcycle 2014. It’s a sporty motorbike developed under the vision of creating “Neo-futuristic” and “cool” motorcycle, presenting new and unique styling for all motor enthusiasts. Focusing in 2 main points, NM4 has been designed with front massive styling along with ergonomic cockpit position, allowing the sense of unity with the rider. This design allows you to get into the vehicle smoothly, thanks to low setup cockpit position and adjustable backrest, any adventurous journey you’ll have, would be very much enjoyable. The main instrument panel is very easy to read, clear readability, and provides you fun riding, you would feel as if in a part of a movie scene. The headlight, rear lamp, and turn signals utilize LED lamps for great visibility, the utility boxes are located on the right and left sides of the front fairing for small articles. There are 2 versions available for this model: NM4-01 (wide, dynamic rear tire, a