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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Opal Formation In Fossilized Wood

Pearl Beach House by Porebski Architects

Porebski Architects have designed a house for a family in Pearl Beach, Australia. Project description The house has been designed to create layers to close off or open up the house to the elements, in particular the sea winds. The internal areas, with large cavity sliding doors, open to a covered loggia, which itself has sliding cavity shutters, allowing the rooms to be completely closed off or fully open. The house is designed around a courtyard which provides for much needed protection from the wind while allowing the sun into the house and providing a private outdoor space. A limited palette has been used to reference the area – the beach, sandstone cliffs and bush – with face concrete block walls, exposed concrete, terrazzo floors and teak windows and screens. The building has a simple form which conceals the complexity of the detailing, with cavity sliding windows and shutters, expressed concrete beams and carefully laid blo

Moto 360 Watch Is Powered by Google Android Wear

After Google announced its latest project Android Wear , Motorola also released a concept modern timepiece that utilizes the power of Android, Moto 36 . A short information about Android Wear, it’s an extension of Android to wearable and Google is starting with something familiar wearable: watches. A modern watch should be able to tells us more than just time, it has evolved amazingly since it was first introduced more than a 100-years ago, from mechanical to electronic, analog to digital faces. Moto 36 android watch mission is to bring back the history as we re-imagine the wristwatch for the future. That’s why it doesn’t need to feature unconventional shape , it has the classic familiar round face with premium materials. Designer : Motorola Powered by Android Wear, this digital timepiece can provide you with more than just time or date information, it keeps you up-to-date without taking you out of the moment or interrupting whatever you’re doing. It tells you what you need