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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Trylon LED Watch Design Inspired by DeLorean Time Machine

A watch inspired by “flux capacitor” from DeLorean time machine, yes, it’s a fictional automobile-based time travel device from “Back to the future” trilogy. The designing process involved Cylon from Battlestar Galatica and robot spaceships from Star Wars movie which have “Y” shape face, thus, the name of this concept watch “ Trylon ” came from the combination of the letter Y shape and Cylon like lights. Trylon LED watch is a futuristic watch that consists of 3 rows of LEDs in “Y” shaped array with 12-5-9 format. The design of this watch features industrial sci-fi appearance, between each row of lights, there’s a button (3 buttons total) that you can use for various controls. Those vertical row of lights inform you about the time using 12 blocks, the lower left lights represent 5 of 10 minutes block, and the lower right rows represent 9 of single minutes. Designer : Peter Fletcher for Tokyoflash Trylon LED Watch Design Inspired by DeLorean Time Machine is originall

355 Mansfield by Amit Apel Design

Amit Apel has designed 355 Mansfield, a family home in Los Angeles, California. Project description On entering, enjoy the welcome of bold colors and contrasting materials inviting you to cleanse your mind’s eye and explore the artful display of lines, shapes and mass integrated into a warm and liveable abode. As you pass through the grid-glass entry door you witness the openness of a liveable space yet well defined areas for living, eating and kitchen prep. The use of Japanese style plant separators, step-up floor to the kitchen and precision lines and surfaces make for an enjoyable eating, living and relaxing life. The master chef will love the ease of food preparation in this spacious kitchen with extensive work area and storage space while the family and guests enjoy the open eating and living areas with Japanese style grid windows that retract to take them outdoors while inside. The outdoor yard is enhanced with Japanese style landscaping t