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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

This ’4-eyed Nerd’ Was Horribly Bullied. See What He Grew Up To Do… (18 Pics)

This ugly duckling story is real and completely authentic. Meet a young man that was basically born a nerd. From infancy, he was seen as a geek, a nerd or a dork. Just do us a favor and listen to his story of transformation. He ended up something so completely different from a nerd, he could give anyone hope: I started wearing glasses since the age of four. When I was young, I remember being called “four-eyes.” In retrospect, it sounds like a pretty cool thing to be called, like I have a super hero power or something; at the time though, I think the name calling hurt. I was an introverted kid and I think I identified myself with being a bit of an outcast.

Families from around the world and their food supply

Sugar Bowl Residence by John Maniscalco Architecture

John Maniscalco Architecture designed the Sugar Bowl residence in Norden, California. Description from the architects The design of this new home in the old village at Sugar Bowl is entirely a product of its dramatic environment. With a snow pack of as much as 8-9 feet, massive snow loads, and dangerous shear snow blocks dropping from typical sloped roofs, the site conditions dictate design. This new house uses the constraints to shape an elegant solution. Taking a historical railroad avalanche shed as a precedent, the house uses a simple, bent planar roof form to gather the rooftop snow pack and shed it to the rear of the structure, away from entry and pedestrian traffic. Perched on a concrete plinth that lifts it above the tall winter snow-pack, the house allows snow to rise around it and meet the entry level. At the first floor, a solid, cedar-clad volume houses entry, boot room, children’s and guest bedrooms, and service spaces. The exaggerated