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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Google Earth Uncovers Many Unusual Things in the World (25 pics)

Armatix Smart System Offers Smartwatch Controlled Handgun

A smartwatch controlled handgun could be the future of gun safety . Armatix has introduced Armatix Smart System concept , unlike conventional handguns which are no longer a safe weapon from the moment you remove it from your safe or any other security system, this smart pistol’s security extends to a critical step beyond that point. This smart system consists of a radio-controlled watch and a pistol. The main idea is to let the watch responsible for gun access and use, that means, you can only shoot the pistol if it’s within range of the watch. You can easily remove the safety mechanism through the radio-controlled watch using a special PIN code, in this way, as soon as the gun loses its contact with the watch, it automatically deactivates itself, so no one can use it except you (of course you need to wear the watch). From : Armtix It is highly possible we’re going to see this smart handgun system being produced since Armatix is currently in advanced licensing negotiations

Foot Latch Design for Public Restroom Stall Doors – No Hands Needed

Foot Latch is a foot operated door latch designed for public restroom stalls. It is a replacement for traditional door latches that reduces the risk of spreading germs and contagious diseases by allowing people to avoid coming in contact with contaminated door latches in public restrooms. Infectious diseases and viruses, such as Influenza, are transferred from one person to another in many different ways. The main causes for the spread of viruses include coming in contact with infected people and contaminated surfaces. This contact can happen either by touching an infected person, or indirect by touching a contaminated surface. Restrooms in public places, such as airports, train stations, hospitals and restaurants, pose the highest risk for the indirect spread of disease and viruses. To reduce the risk, most of today’s public restrooms are equipped with automatic touch free equipment, such as water fixtures , hand dryers and towel dispensers. The one area that has not been addressed