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Amy Judd - Arte

Recojo una muestra de las obras de "Amy Judd", si te gustan y quieres ver más pásate por su web y/o facebook.

Fake Science (22 pics)

India Concept Motorcycle by Chetan Rao

India concept motorcycle has been designed to represent the modern version of India on the international scale. India has not been known for its innovative automobile designing, since the economy is growing at a very fast rate along with education level, in future it is quite possible that India will be representing its own reputed international brand.

The front suspension & steering system used by India motorcycle is “Hossack Steering System”, but the steering axis and axis of rotation are not coincidental but parallel to each other. The new innovative futuristic trellis has been used along with flat V-Twin engine to lower the center of gravity of the bike. Styling has been futuristic, sharp, elegant & innovative, and kept to minimum to give it a combination of beauty and machinery look. The inspiration came from examining the history, styling, craze and evolution of motorcycles. The oil age is coming to an end, so let’s wave goodbye to this age with some awesome designs so that it is remembered for a long time.

Designer : Chetan Rao

India Concept Motorcycle by Chetan Rao

India Concept Motorcycle by Chetan Rao

India Concept Motorcycle by Chetan Rao

India Concept Motorcycle by Chetan Rao

India Concept Motorcycle by Chetan Rao

India Concept Motorcycle by Chetan Rao

India Concept Motorcycle by Chetan Rao

India Concept Motorcycle by Chetan Rao

Technical specifications:

  • Engine – 1200cc, V-Twin, 6-speed gearbox, liquid cooled

  • Front suspension – Hossack parallel axis development

  • Rear suspension – Monotube type single central monoshock

  • Chassis – Lightweight aluminum alloy futuristic trellis

  • Tank Cap. – 19.5 L

  • Discs – Front Dia- 250mm, Dual Disc each two piston calipers

  • Rear Dia – 250mm, Single disc, two piston calipers

  • Tires – Front – 120/70 ZR 17

  • Rear – 240/40 ZR 18

Tuvie has received “India Concept Motorcycle” project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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Peter’s House by Craig Steely Architecture

Craig Steely Architecture have designed Peter’s House, located in San Francisco, California.











Project description

Located above San Francisco’s Dolores Park on a steep site bordering a public garden, the decidedly small house, (only 1800 square feet) builds on this steep lot as efficiently as possible. Rather than the typical construction practice of locating foundations staggered up the hillside, Peter’s house locates a 24 ft. x 24 ft. cast-in-place concrete garage at the lowest level and builds a 3-story glass tower above it, altering the land and native hillside drainage very little. The top living floor then spans from a flat plateau at top of the lot to the tower like a bridge, essentially reducing the amount of excavation typically involved in construction of this type by 2/3.

Beyond the structural challenges, the biggest issue in designing Peter’s house was opening the building to the expansive view while maintaining a level of privacy from the sidewalk and garden that pass alongside. Around the time the house was being designed, the new on-ramp to the Golden Gate Bridge was under construction which necessitated clearing a grove of Monterey Cypress trees in it’s path from the Presidio. We secured some of these trees and working with a local milling shop turned them into 90 solid wood louvers (fixed on the exterior/operable on the interior) that regulate openness and privacy.

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Architect: Craig Steely Architecture

Photography: Bruce Damonte