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Paper cuts by Eiko Ojala, a renowned illustrator and graphic...

Dream Facts (10 pics)

Leuven Beer Packaging by Wonchan Lee

Inspired by an ice bag, Leuven Beer Packaging takes a whole new direction in order to have our beer highly portable and unbreakable. It takes differentiation in mind when you need to design a new packaging these days, it needs to have new approach especially when it comes to beer. This new design is unbreakable, cost less to produce, and lighter to carry, these are nice factors for delivery and production. The result is a beer packaging that utilizes 2 panels with velcros, holding those beers together securely when closed. Each carrying pack opens flat. Designer : Wonchan Lee Leuven Beer Packaging by Wonchan Lee is originally posted on Tuvie

Copper Haus by assemblageSTUDIO

assemblageSTUDIO designed Copper Haus, a family residence made from copper, rammed earth and plaster in Las Vegas, Nevada. Project description The project is alongside Bear’s Best golf course at the base of the Red Rock Mountains with views to the Las Vegas Strip. The site is split by a dramatic level change running from the front to back of the site. The design fits into the berm enabling a daylighting of all levels. The design offers connections throughout to the exterior. Moving from space to space, one sees vast perspectives or framed views of the surrounding environment and manmade courtyards. The views culminate in a roof deck which offers unrestricted views to the mountains, course and valley below. The massing of the residence is connected through a material banding that folds from roof to wall to floor. The upper level is supported on rammed earth walls to form a grounding to the design.