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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Which Disney Park is the Happiest?

Which Disney Park is the Happiest?

Wentworth Rd House by Edward Szewczyk Architects

Edward Szewczyk Architects designed the Wentworth Rd house in Sydney, Australia. Project description This building takes full advantage of being on the sunny side of the street. Where sun access and vistas to Sydney Harbour are the same you have to embrace it. Three levels of the building topped with a roof terrace create dramatic composition above the street that is controlled by interplay of horizontal elements. Unusually for houses in the surrounding suburb, part of the outdoor functions are in the street frontage and above the street, rather than being hidden behind high fences. The Ground Floor is partially suspended. Connecting garden stairs and terraces are sandstone slabs lightly supported to emphasise position elevated above the ground levels. The composition of the rear garden is controlled by the dominant presence of an old gum tree providing protected habitat for birds and with its form displaying beautiful shapes and colours of the trunk. The main Famil

Trignal : LED Safety Light for Truck Wheels

Trignal LED safety light has been designed to keep truck’s presence on the road highly visible especially at night. It will increase the motorists’ awareness of this large vehicle as well as provide visual representation of its speed. This concept safety light is a self-charging plug-in LED that generates its own power by rotating with the wheel. Truck drivers can fit these lights onto the wheels, like a hubcap. When the truck moves at a safe speed, those wheels glow a demure green, at high speed, the glow is yellow, and at a dangerous speed, these LEDs emit red light to alert other vehicles. It’s a great way to encourage truck driver to drive responsibly and enhance other driver’s awareness while on the road. Designers : Yang Yong and Zhu Sha Trignal : LED Safety Light for Truck Wheels is originally posted on Tuvie