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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Vail Nests by tres birds workshop

tres birds workshop was selected by The Town of Vail, Colorado, to complete a kids playground for Lionshead Vail as part of the town’s artist-commissioned park series and program. Project description Aside from safety standards and guidelines, tres birds was given little direction and a lot of trust to design and implement a concept that would create an impression on Vail residents and visitors alike. Connecting architecture to place as well as nurturing the connection between humans and the natural environment, tres birds workshop drew inspiration from surrounding bird habitats to form the main concept of the park- three large nest structures. The nests were created using a variety of wood species that make up the rib components and mimic original ski design. Each rib was treated using a mixture of oil, wax and tree resin. Using non-toxic materials was a top priority in building the park. In addition to the wood material and process select

Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl by Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan

Looking at Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl design is kind of depressing. It’s a special bowl for lonely people, I mean, how desperate are you that you need to eat a bowl of ramen while facing a cellphone in order to connect with other people. The inspiration came from the image of a lonely man eating a bowl of noodle alone in the restaurant while having a chopstick on one hand and a cellphone on the other, not sure why, maybe for some people it’s too difficult not to get connected for awhile. These designers from MisoSoupDesign wanted to come up with an innovative bowl to restore a proper table manner while eating ramen in sarcastic way, people need their both hands to eat (chopsticks and spoon). Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl has been designed with double layered ceramic bowl to allow you to hold the bowl even though the soup is steaming hot. If you want to look desperate, you can insert your smartphone onto the cavity to stay connected while eating with the bowl. Designers : Daisuke Naga

BMW Honey Comb Concept Car with Electromagnetic System

BMW Honey Comb Concept Car is a design study dedicated for the iconic auto manufacturer for its innovative design. It’s an autonomous driving commuter for our young generation that lives in a crowded city. This concept tries to address our issue with the lack of space and traffic congestion which is going to happen somewhere near the future. It is hoped to create a transportation system that provides better accessibility for people to travel in great convenience, sustainable, and user-friendly way. It will take you to your destination in comfort and style. Designers : Irfendy Mohamad and Qiudi Yang Inspired by nature, the honey comb layout gives you a new driving experience, the system attracts each other with an electromagnetic system to move in groups to improve the use of space and energy. It helps to create safer traffic condition for both urban and sub-urban areas of the city. Click above image for bigger view Tuvie has received “BMW Hon

VR Tapalpa House by Elias Rizo Arquitectos

Elias Rizo Arquitectos have designed a house for a family in Tapalpa, Mexico. Design: Elias Rizo Arquitectos Photography: Marcos Garcia