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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

This Tumblr User Shows Her Horrific Anonymous Messages In A Powerful Art Project

Lindsay Bottos epitomizes how terribly women can be treated on the internet through a photography project that went viral on Tumblr.

Renault Kwid Concept Car Comes With Flying Companion

Renault Kwid concept car was unveiled at the Delhi Auto Show, it’s a stylish and modern car that highlights Renault’s commitment to new markets such as India. It’s a proof of Renault’s ability to produce appealing products in small car segment. The overall exterior features fun design to target young customers in these markets, it also boasts technology driven features for the interior. The design of this futuristic car was based on inputs from Renault Design India, they know what they’re talking about. It is covered by the “Explore” petal of Renault’s lifecycle-based design strategy. The vehicle features ideal proportions and dimensions to get the impression as bouncing vehicle, not to mention the very short overhangs. Its oversized wheels make it look like a buggy car . Aside from playful design, Renault Kwid concept car’s chunky wings and protective guards give the impression of strength, don’t underestimate this compact car. From : Renault Inside KWID, you can find a

The Dixon House by Designgroup Stapleton Elliott

Designgroup Stapleton Elliott designed the Dixon House in Martinborough, New Zealand. Project description Client Brief Our client’s brief required the creation of a weekend retreat as a place to relax, enjoy the rural landscape and share with family and friends. Site and Context The site is located in an established residential estate adjacent to the local golf course. This large 5,000sqm north facing green-field site gently slopes up from the road. The southern boundary is marked by an elevated mound, which then drops sharply to the perimeter boundary. This area is densely planted. Creation of a flat platform cut into the middle of the site offered the best aspect for the proposed dwelling. This area is elevated by approximately two metres above the access road with views to the north east towards the golf course and east and south west to the distant Wairarapa mountain ranges. Design Solution The plan is articulated into three pavilions positio