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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Post it prank

Pizza Box Drawing Requests

Tablet Hotels Heart of The District by ZA Architects

Heart of The District , I can see why it’s called heart. It’s a heart like structure hung in the middle of the city, it stands out and attracts anyone to admire this iconic form . This project has been designed for Tablet Hotels with intention of connecting local city life with the visitors, so instead of building a new structure for the hotel, this architect proposes hotel rooms which are placed in existing buildings, connected with web of hung pathways. It’s not going to be a boring square type of space, it’s going to be half street and half building, a vibrant space for public activities as well that will attract not only locals but also hotel visitors, even tourists. The goal is to make this place the heart of the district. Designer : ZA Architects for Tablet Hotels Since it’s going to be public spaces, this hotel won’t have its private services. All facilities can be used by both locals and hotel visitors, except that there’s a special card that allows hotel visitors to use

Luna Watch Imitates The Process of Waxing and Waning of Real Moon

Luna Watch , just like its name suggests, you can tell it was inspired by the moon, one of fifth largest moon in the Solar System, a natural satellite of our Earth. The moon has also been known as a lunar deity or a goddess that inspires many troubadours, artists, writers, and many more. I often make a wish on the moon as much the same as some might cry out love and some might long for another. Every single human being on the Earth watches exactly the same moon, but conceives totally different emotion and ideas. That is the way we human face her at sterling night. I paid my attention to this and it led me to design a product that can be possessed, my own moon. – Ilmo Ahn Luna watch displays time by imitating the process of waxing and waning of the real moon. Waning to the right indicates AM and waning to the left indicates PM. By directly touching the moon, you can adjust the position, it’s really cool concept, isn’t it? This concept watch is rechargeable by connecting USB port at the