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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Original Fairy Tale Endimgs

Golden Retriever Adopts a Kitten (8 pics)

The Caruth Boulevard Residence by Tom Reisenbichler

Architect Tom Reisenbichler has designed the Caruth Boulevard residence in Dallas, Texas. . Project description: In our world where many associate sustainable (green) design with a bohemian lifestyle, while others consider luxury wasteful, this house is designed to prove they are not exclusive. Integrated tightly into the large iconic trees on the site, this house uses traditional home proportions to blend with the neighborhood. The horizontal lines of the design tie the home to the land, while the roof and balcony reach into the trees making them integral to the home. The design concepts emphasize the entertaining lifestyle of the owner / architect, with open plans that integrate indoor and outdoor spaces. The first level uses a central core (wooden box) as the main organizing element around which public spaces flow. This LEED Gold designed home features many sustainable strategies, from photovoltaic solar panels and recycled materials to native

Lean Green Portable Power Machine – Ultra Thin External Battery Keeps Your Gadgets Going Longer

Lean Green Portable Power Machine features ultra-thin 800mAh high-capacity USB external battery for iPhone, android, iPads, laptops, and more, in simple words, it’s a power bank. Available in two styles – an ultra-thin (compared to competition) electric lime green fabric or supple white leather. Both are synthetics offering waterproof protection allowing digital users to harvest longer use times on their devices. Many design ideas of this unit translate nicely to allow comfortable grip and easy to keep in the pocket aside from its functionality. It is currently the only soft-touch line of external power banks available today. You can support this project here . Designer : Tuvyah Schleifer Tuvie has received “Lean Green Portable Power Machine” project from our ‘ Submit A Design ‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication. Lean Green Portable Power Machine – Ultra Thin External Battery Keeps Your Gadgets Going Longer i

Incubator Concept Car by Dong-woo Nam

Just like its name suggests, Incubator concept car was inspired by the work of incubation that provides ideal environmental condition to protect and keep premature infants warm. It’s been designed to help South Africa Wildlife Park’s managers to take care injured animals easier. Currently, they use Safari car as main transportation to drive through the meadow, but this car is ineffective when it comes to carry injured animal for treatment. Due to global warming, we need to maintain our ecosystem to keep ideal environment quality. Wild animals in Africa are dying from rapid desertification. Incubator concept car is a design study which has been proposed to move around through meadow faster and more effective, not to mention the incubation area at the backseat area which can be used to carry injured animals safely. Designer : Dong-woo Nam Click above image for bigger view Click above image for bigger view Incubator Concept Car by Dong-woo Nam is originally posted

Beautifully Designed TRIMR Water+Shaker Bottle with Built-In Straw

TRIMR Water+Shaker Bottle is a beautifully designed hybrid product for men and women. You can read the background story of this project here: About 3 years ago I met up with a friend who just got back from the gym. As we were chatting, I noticed that she was sipping a protein shake from out of the straw of a water bottle she got from a local coffee shop. I realized that whenever we were together, it seemed she was drinking clumpy protein shakes from this particular water bottle that had a straw. Curiously I asked, “Why not invest in a shaker bottle that would better mix your protein shake?” She responded that all the shaker bottles in the market felt very masculine, and more importantly, they didn’t have a straw to sip from. She was right. I began noticing how every female I knew seemed to be drinking from a straw, if there was an option to do so. Convinced there was something to this, we reimagined and redesigned from the ground up, we became fascinated with the idea to combine t