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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Dihedral House by Arch 11

Arch11 designed the Dihedral House for a young family in Boulder, Colorado. . Description from Arch11 This modern urban house is anchored on a downtown corner site. An all glass living room Site-cast, board-formed concrete walls moor the building to its site, while providing thermal mass to control temperature swings. The house is organized around crossing dihedral lines, one phenomenal, one tectonic that shear the interior volumes of the house. The building was delivered as a fast-track, design-build with Hammerwell inc. Design by Arch11 .

Compact Bruc 01 Electric Motorbike Concept for Urban Areas

Bruc 01 Electric Motorbike weighs about 50kg or 110lbs and is able to accommodate up to 198lbs of a rider. This urban electric bike was designed and developed as part of Barcelona Smart Moto Challenge, the result is modern and stylish urban vehicle. The body is constructed of aluminum due to its low weight structures yet easy to manufacture and difficult to weld. The system has been designed from the start to the bike, because the swingarm should have a specific anchor on the top and the chassis where the system will be anchored. Bruc 01 Electric Motorbike is meant to be an urban vehicle, it means compact size is one of crucial points without sacrificing its performance and comfort. Designers : Alex Casabò , Humbert Claramunt , Joan de la Torre, Sergio Fernandez, Guillermo Fernandez-Goula , Ignasi Genis, Jorge Laucirica, Anton Òdena , Pau Romagosa , Juan Sagnier, Luis Sanfelices, Antonio Tornos, Edgard Vilaseca, David Tutusaus, and Roger Ribas Compact Bruc 01 Ele

Amusing and Embarrassing Hunting Fail! (7 pics)

Famous Movie Quotes as Charts - the Poster

Famous Movie Quotes as Charts - the Poster