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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

School Landscape by Svet Vmes

Architect firm Svet Vmes have designed School Landscape, an social area for students at the Ledina Grammar School in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Project description Ledina is one of the oldest grammar schools in Ljubljana. It has operated for 144 years. The school plan has a characteristic “U” shape, with two main entrances that were once used as separate entrances – for boys and girls. Due to safety reasons only one is in use today, while the second one is closed and has no function. The idea was to create a new “semi-public” school space for leisure activities of students during recess, before and after school. The enclosure is formed with wavy bands with different gradients of one material. With this element we broke the hard, uneven space and transformed it into a new, soft, single space. As internet is indispensable in everyday life of pupils, the room has wireless internet, loudspeakers and a projector to ensure a more relaxed ambience. The place becomes a multi used

Poor Tom Brady (15 Pics/Gifs)

Tom Brady’s season ended earlier than he would’ve hoped when Peyton Manning surgically took the Patriots apart. And yet again Tom Brady’s perfect life has been diminished by a post... The post Poor Tom Brady (15 Pics/Gifs) appeared first on Seriously, For Real? .

Dear Neighbor (6 pics)

Dual-Mode Headphone Concept from LG Electronics

Dual-Mode headphone offers multi-function device for mobile users. It’s a Bluetooth concept headset that emits sound in 2 different ways: ear buds or embedded speaker. We know that many of us enjoying listen to the music wherever we are, whether we are cycling, driving, jogging, hiking, etc. However, when you are wearing headphone to listen to your music, it shuts out external sound, thus, it’s difficult to know what’s going on around you. It might cause serious accidents. With this Dual-Mode headphone, you can choose how to listen your music. You can choose to use the speaker while riding your bike or use the ear buds when in a train or a bus. This concept device doesn’t have any button, to make the music starts, you can simply tap the front part and tap it again to turn it off. Swiping the side backward to turn the volume up and swiping the side forward to turn the volume down. Designers : Yeom Ilsoo, Choi Eunji, and Lee Nari for LG Electronics Dual-Mode Headphone Concept

Moscow Apartment by SL*Project

SL*Project have designed an apartment in Moscow, Russia for a collector of porcelain figurines. Design: SL*Project