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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Walmart Before the Blizzard (8 pics)

Scanadu Scout Scanner Tracks Your Vital Signs of Your Body

Scanadu, a company that focuses on mobile and sensor technology to help you taking care your health easier. This company has developed Scanadu Scout , a scanner with sensitive sensors that helps you to conduct sophisticated physical exams by providing vital sign monitor of your body. This device works as if it reads your mind, place it on your forehead, it detects any health problem early, thus reducing your possibility for hospital readmissions. This medical device analyzes, measures, and tracks your vital signs, just like the first thing a doctor does when they visit a patient. Scanadu Scout gives you access to valuable data of your own body so that you can keep track of your health every day. You’ll get information such as respirotary rate, body temperature, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, oxymetry, ECG, and stress in less than 10 seconds. You can share this vital information with your doctor or others and get smart health discussion and discoveries. Designer : Y

Tang Addition by 4site architecture

4site architecture have designed an addition to a terrace house in Melbourne, Australia. Project description Compact alteration/addition of a terrace house in Carlton with east-west orientation and limited connection to the rear yard. The brief called for new bathroom, laundry, living, dining, kitchen, master bedroom and ensuite. In response, the planning logic was to create a centralized service core containing or facilitating the bathroom, laundry, stairs and kitchen, allowing for the dining and living areas to wrap around this service core and juts out to form a connection to the garden at the rear. This allows for spaces to flow around in an open plan manner whilst providing a variety of spaces in this compact configuration. The insertion of a light court and roof deck over the new bathroom at the stair landing brings in diffused light and allows for cross ventilation. The daybed at the apex of the tapering living space also connects with the north facing c