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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Campari America by Rapt Studio

Rapt Studio have designed the headquarters for Campari America in San Francisco, California. Project description The Campari America brand is clean, classic, and prestigious. The American headquarters forges a connection of that brand through its space. Campari America is one of the largest spirits company in the world. The company houses award-winning liquors and exudes a tasteful, classic identity. The space connects to that identity with a fluid and vibrant workplace that fosters faster communication, more dynamic interactions between work groups, and cohesive relationships between coworkers. It’s a workplace built for speed, with intentional brand design. Design: Rapt Studio

The Evolution of Reddit

The Evolution of Reddit

Plus Pendant Light by Andy Zhou

The Plus Pendant prototype is a fully functional ceiling mounted OLED luminaire designed to showcase the future capabilities of Organic LED such as its thin, surface based light and flexibility. The OLED frame flexes up and down to change the characteristics of the light, ranging from an area light to a spot light. This is unseen mechanism is achieved by clever use of magnets and tensile wiring, driven by a motor and ball screw. A tablet app controls the luminaire via a Bluetooth connection. Function The OLED panels are mounted on a flexible frame which flexes up or down to change the conical characteristic of the incident light into either an area light, directional light, spotlight or anywhere in between. The thickness of the arms measure in at 5mm at the fattest section of the arm. This razor thin profile really accentuates the film-like qualities of OLED technology. The arms flex with the help of an internal motor, magnets and tensile cables to drive the annulus up the steel column

Esplanade House by Finnis Architects

Finnis Architects have completed the Esplanade House in Brighton, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Project Description The client wanted a modern striking new residence. The newly constructed three bedroom home combines open plan living with privacy and luxury. The main living areas on the ground floor seamlessly flow through to the outside. The house had a major focus on entertaining with the house containing multiple social areas. The bedrooms of the house are tranquil and quiet each containing their own en-suite bathroom and generous views. The front fa├žade is a striking feature with large glass panels reflecting the light. This is enhanced by the water feature gives a relaxed and inviting feeling to the entrance. The angular roof element works both visually and environmentally with the house using sustainable design features. Architect: Finnis Architects Photography: Dianna Snape

Funny Detention Reasons (21 pics)