Saturday, January 4, 2014

Florida’s Finest Mugshots

Flipped House by MCK Architects

MCK Architects designed the Flipped House in Sydney, Australia.









Description from the architects:

A 1960’s house has been replaced and reflected by a contemporary version of itself, with a focus that now engages as much on the surrounding garden as it does the panoramic CBD view.

The original plan and massing were adapted + literally ‘flipped’ with garden elements to create a more expansive connection from inside to out. Details, fixtures and fittings are sensitive to the original home.

fh_040114_01 fh_040114_02 fh_040114_03 fh_040114_04 fh_040114_05 fh_040114_06 fh_040114_07 fh_040114_08 fh_040114_09 fh_040114_10 fh_040114_11 fh_040114_12 fh_040114_13 fh_040114_14 fh_040114_15 fh_040114_16 fh_040114_17 fh_040114_18 fh_040114_19 fh_040114_20 fh_040114_21

Architects: MCK Architects

Photography: Willem Rethmeier

One Couple’s Christmas Card Portraits from 1900 – 1942

Just like many families today, Richard and Anna Wagner took annual holiday portraits, sending out the photos as Christmas cards to friends and family. From 1900 (when the couple first married) until 1942, the couple took portraits in front of their Christmas tree (sadly Richard passed the following year).