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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Dragon Bridge (14 pics)

The Shield of Superman: The Evolution of an Icon

The Shield of Superman: The Evolution of an Icon

AWWA Sky Whale Concept Plane by Oscar Viñals

AWWA “Sky Whale” Concept Plane is a project about the future “green” aircraft designs for the regular airline’s planes of the 21st century, that could be based in a technical solutions more friendly with the environment, most efficient and with the maximum performance. For example it is expected to use systems that will: Reduce aircraft drag Reduce aircraft weight Reduce engine specific fuel consumption Reduce oxides of nitrogen emissions of the engine Reduce aircraft noise by 1/8 compared with current standards Reduce damages in a hypothetical emergency landing Increase its self-sufficiency The AWWA-VA could be equipped with a new advanced technologies from alloys, ceramic or fiber composites, carbon nanotube and fiber optic cabling to self-healing skin, hybrid electric engines, active wings , double fuselages and virtual reality windows with adaptable opacity and capable to create electric energy with micro solar cells in hexagonal geometry like a part of structure’s ceiling. Compa

Second Skin Emergency Protection Blanket Offers Essential Needs for Earthquake Survivors

After a strong earthquake struck, survivors would need immediate temporary shelters to keep them safe. Second Skin has been designed to provide essential needs for the victims, it’s a multifunctional rescue kit that consists of a temporary shelter, a stretcher, and an emergency blanket. It will be very useful to assist untrained volunteers with their efforts to rescue victims . According to latest natural disaster research, the frequency of high-magnitude earthquakes has increased more than doubled within the last 70 years. During a natural disaster, rescue team and emergency services can be delayed, immediate rescues usually come from bystanders who emerge as volunteers, however, these instant rescuers don’t have medical training or equipment needed. Designer : Nick Dephoff Second skin project has been designed to ensure it can be used by anyone without prior experience in aiding others. In this way, any volunteers can lighten the workload of rescue team in the first stage after