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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

VOX Speaker by Fábio Miguel Martins

VOX is a smart-object that will revolutionize your morning experience. VOX uses parametric speakers that direct sound (two speakers, one for each user), in order to create silence as much as it creates sound. With this directional speakers, the user is able to choose whether he wants to hear the TV at night with its built-in speakers, and spread the noise throughout the house, possible interfering with the sleep of somebody, or to use VOX’s directional speakers, making him, the only one can listen to the sound of TV. This is useful in the morning as well, instead of using a traditional alarm clock, where the noise is so violent, that you wake up very quickly, and possibly wake up others as well, the alarm clock function on VOX will wake you up and only you, with the a song that you like, according to your morning mood, chosen accordingly to the data the integrated motion sensor gathered along the night. Designer : Fábio Miguel Martins VOX has three buttons, one for deactivat