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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

GM1 House by Giovanni Moreno Architects

Giovanni Moreno Architects designed the GM1 House for a family in Girardot, Colombia. Architecture by Giovanni Moreno Architects Photography by Andrés Valbuena .

Silic T-Shirt Self Cleaning Clothing That Resists Stain

Silic T-Shirt might revolutionize our fabric material, it’s made of self cleaning clothing with Hydrophobic Nanotechnology. This ultra soft fabric is especially designed to endure sports, exercise, and liquids. Everyday our clothes are exposed to many things that can damage them from food we eat or drink, different liquids we work with, etc. Silic keeps you clean, even when you spill wine or drop your food accidentally on this t-shirt, you don’t have to change to a new shirt. This magic happens due to nanotechnology bonded to the fibers of fabric at microscopic level. In this way, most liquid molecules won’t be able to touch the fabric because there’s a microscopic layer of air that forms between liquid and fabric. There are billions of silica particles that protect the fabric where all water based liquids will form a 150-degree sphere and roll right off. Don’t worry about the technology, it is process to ensure your safety and health, it s not cancerous. Designer : Aamir Patel [ Pr

WTF is in These Pickles! (5 pics)

Pathway House by Jacobs-Yaniv Architects

Jacobs-Yaniv Architects designed this house for a family in Tel Aviv, Israel. Description from Jacobs-Yaniv Architects: The main architectural concept was creating inside the house an in-between space: joining the outside with the inside by introducing plants and skylights along a passage which continues the garden path to the house. The house occupies a full rectangular shape on the majority of the site, and the planted and day-lit passage breaks down a potentially rigid placement on site. Most of the house is planned on one floor – ground floor. Only a guest room occupies the basement. The passage cuts the house in two sections – hosting and sleeping. The internal plan is directed north-south for optimal day light and east –west for optimal natural ventilation. The central passage is a 3 m’ wide by 14 m’ long space which holds not only plants but a large wooden library with books and an assortment of personal decorative objects collected by the residents. A speci