Sunday, December 22, 2013

Grumpy Cat Memes (44 memes)

Grumpy Cat, real name Tardar Sauce, is a female cat and Internet celebrity known for her grumpy facial expression. Her owner Tabatha Bundesen says that her permanently grumpy-looking face is...

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Residence 1414 Renovation by Miró Rivera Architects

Miró Rivera Architects designed this contemporary renovation of a 1940s house in Austin, Texas.









Description from Miró Rivera Architects:

The original 1940s house suffered an unfortunate addition in the 1980s. The backyard views were blocked by a heavy fireplace and small windows; meanwhile a fenced-in pool, brick terraces, and roofed arcade all served to divide rather than unify the landscape.

MRA’s goal was to restore the exterior of the house in this historic neighborhood while transforming the interiors to bring in light and provide a better connection with the exterior. A simple material palette was used to maintain a balance between the traditional aspects of the original house and the modern updates required by this family of four.

The garage was renovated to include an upper level gym, guest alcove, and terrace. Below the terrace an outdoor living space activates a previously neglected yard. A Sol Lewitt sculpture, visible from the main rooms of the house, increases the depth of the yard and provides a crisp and geometric focal point.

1414_221213_01 1414_221213_02 1414_221213_03 1414_221213_04 1414_221213_05 1414_221213_06 1414_221213_07 1414_221213_08 1414_221213_09 1414_221213_010 1414_221213_011 1414_221213_012 1414_221213_014 1414_221213_015 1414_221213_016

Architecture by Miró Rivera Architects

Photography by Paul Finkel