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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Sea Towers Apartment by Ministerstwo Spraw We Wnetrzach

The Polish interior design studio Ministerstwo Spraw We Wnetrzach , have designed the interior of this apartment in Gdynia, Poland. Project description: One of our clients ask us to design one of the weekend apartments in Sea Towers in Gdynia. It was supposed to be a luxurious place created for both:weekend stays and permanent living. We started our desing with empty space approx.100m2 which we have given a shape and function that it was supposed to have.. The layout of interior is divided into the living area opened to the public and the intimate part with the bedroom and bathroom. The main focus was firstly on the view from the windows with the Baltic Sea panorama. It was the major factor in all the later assumptions. A lot of horizontal diversions and very careful choice of colors. We wanted the view to be in the foreground during the day. In this interior we have an unique sheet of black glass, behind which we hid a TV, together with surroudings made of tempered

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