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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Strange People from Russian Social Networks (42 pics)

T House by Natalie Dionne Architecture

Architect Natalie Dionne has designed the T House located in Quebec, Canada. Project description The house was placed in a forest clearing on a plateau high up on a hillside offering beautiful vistas to rolling agricultural valleys and distant mountains. Upon arrival, two sparsely fenestrated volumes reveal themselves as blocks gently deposited on a field of green. The first volume, 2 –storey and roughly cubic in shape is clad with wood siding. The second, a single-storey 24m long rectangle, embedded in the ground at one end and cantilevered over the hill at the other end is wrapped in composite cement panels. The center of the composition is an empty space of transition between these two volumes: transparently opening onto a spectacular panorama of Appalachian mountain ridges with Mount Sutton peaking on the horizon. Description continued after the gallery Project description continued Taking cues from its bucolic environment, this architect