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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Jekaterina Razina - Arte

Recojo una muestra de las obras de " Jekaterina Razina ", si te gustan y quieres ver más pásate por su espacio en facebook.

Villa Decín by Studio Pha

Studio Pha have completed a villa in the town of Decín, Czech Republic. Design: Studio Pha Photography: Tomáš Dittrich

Boy Is Trying to Rescue a Dog (3 pics)

Sushizilla Restaurant by Vie Studio

Vie Studio have designed the Central Park location of the Sushizilla Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. Design: Vie Studio Photography: Andrew Worssam

VAM Alarm Bracelet – Silent Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock

Having trouble waking up? or being woken up by other early birds in the house? VAM , a bracelet Vibrating Alarm System has been specially designed for those who want to wake up without disturbing others. The vibrating tech inside the bracelet provides a silent way that only wakes up the person who is wearing it. VAM has 24 LED embedded in the bracelet which indicate the 24 hours in a day. With a built-in Bluetooth function, it is easy to set up the alarm via your smartphone app. Once you set up the alarm, the corresponding LED would light up to show the time of your alarm. Designer : Yi-Hong Chou Somfy Alarm System with Walkie Talkie Somfy alarm system allows you to identify a breakdown or malfunction in the house easily. This alarm system is for people who believe in more advanced and useful technologies for security purpose. There are 3 walkie talkies incorporated with Somfy... Reduce Missing Children with Kiddo Alarm System Missing children is increasing based National C

Structure Sensor : 3D Sensor for Mobile Devices to Capture Accurate Dimensions of Objects and Environments

Structure Sensor is a fully functioning 3D sensor or scan for mobile devices. Why for mobile devices? Well, our future of computer vision is mobile, don’t you agree? Currently this handy device comes with a bracket made to fit an iPad, perhaps in the future, the company will come up with different type of brackets that fits all smartphones/tablets. Using 3D sensor, you’ll be able to capture pretty accurate dimensions of objects and environments, pretty cool heh? It doesn’t just capture one dimension, it captures just about everything in view, all at once. Imagine the possibility, Structure Sensor allows you to capture dense geometry, you can simulate real world physics, unlock the power of real imagination. Gamers would love this tech, since virtual objects can actually go behind real world objects, it’s going to be hard to separate which one is real and which one is just virtual world. This device comes with open source drivers for multiple platforms, thus, enabling you to join the