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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Fieldstone House by Bruns Architecture

Bruns Architecture have recently completed the Fieldstone House that is located in Richfield, Wisconsin. Description Rock picking is every farmer’s springtime nemesis. Each winter as the earth freezes and thaws, rocks rise to the surface of the soil and must be removed before plowing can proceed. Stacked at the edges of fields, they become stone walls that tell stories of the region’s history. On a site consisting of both a small farm field and the heavily wooded topography of two glacial kettles, Fieldstone House is balanced about just such a wall with a glacial history all its own. It was the two glacial kettles, their existence the reason the land to the east was never logged or farmed, that drew the owners to this site. Approaching the house’s entry, one’s view is framed by steel trellises and a notch in the stone wall focusing attention on the woodland topography beyond. Once inside, the view is again aligned through the house and towards the forest. Description conti

Instant Karma (Part 2)

When someone struck bunny ears. AND BUNNY EARS STRUCK BACK. When these guys finally felt that warm, disturbing sensation. When this guy tried to pull a fast one on an... The post Instant Karma (Part 2) appeared first on Seriously, For Real? .

Anti-Pervert Device (6 pics)