Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stacey-Turley Residence by Kariouk Associates

Kariouk Associates have completed the Stacey-Turley Residence, a family home on a narrow lot located in Ottawa, Canada.




To design a “forever” home on a narrow lot for a young family

Design Challenge

The requirements for this project called for the design of a small home that would respond to the evolving life needs of a young couple, with two small boys, who intend to live their lives here for the next half century. A significant spatial challenge from the start of the project was that the maximum allowable width of the house could only be twenty-four feet, hence the house would necessarily need to be long; because windows on the long sides of the home were greatly restricted by zoning regulations, there was an immediate design challenge to bring light into the long interior volume that otherwise would be dark.

Design Solution

The home is set as far back as possible within a contoured landscape, effectively turning the “basement” into a “lower level” that opens fully to the light and views of the large front garden. Here, and as well above on the main floor, the front wall comprises a floor-to-ceiling glass accordion-door system that can open 100% to the landscape. On the main floor, the roof overhang is calibrated to block the higher-angled summer sun, while the lower-angled winter sun penetrates the home.

The Insulated Concrete Form walls (ICF) and the poured concrete, radiant heated floors capture and hold the warmth of the winter sun, gradually releasing the heat throughout the home in the evening. The sloped roof continues through the interior and reaches fourteen-feet to catch light and to create a “chimney effect” that accelerates breezes down the length of the house, eliminating the need for air conditioning. Light is brought into the center of the home through an ensuite whose volume hovers in a large opening in the floor plate; the bathroom is fitted with expansive skylights and clerestory, allowing daylight to spill through that opening, illuminating both levels.

Behind the high-efficiency wood stove hang four bronze plaques engraved with a quote that was provided by the client at the outset of the project as a direction for the spirit of the design:

“It is proper to every gathering that the gatherers assemble to coordinate their efforts to the sheltering; only when they have gathered together with that end in view do they begin to gather.”

—Martin Heidegger, Logos

And last, why the bright orange exterior cladding? …The clients are Dutch.

st_031213_01 st_031213_02 st_031213_03 st_031213_04 st_031213_05 st_031213_06 st_031213_07 st_031213_08 st_031213_09 st_031213_10 st_031213_11 st_031213_12 st_031213_13 st_031213_14

Designer: Kariouk Associates

Photography: Photolux Studios, Christian Lalonde

Bosque da Ribeira Residence by Anastasia Arquitetos

Located in Nova Lima, a city near Belo Horizonte, Brazil lies the Bosque da Ribeira Residence by Anastasia Arquitetos.


From the architects

Bosque da Ribeira Residence is situated in a residential neighbourhood in Nova Lima, a city near Belo Horizonte – Brazil – with built area of 650 square meters.

The residence is at the limit of an allotment, adjacent to an environmental reserve. Thus the residence seeks to create a visual interface and harmonious deployment with the environment, taking full advantage of covered of the forest and featuring a staggered volumetry, decreasing the higher volumes observed in the street. The landscaping designed for the residence complements the relationship with the forest.

The leisure area, swimming pool and terrace are focused on the landscape, with privacy preserved by the slope, and, as well as the social area, are covered. To protect it from sunstroke north, coincident with sight, we created a balcony with two levels of coverage, to light up the room without direct solar irradiation, and zenithal illumination protected by wooden pergolado in the lounge.

The house is organized as follows: sauna and rest at street level (basement), social area on the ground floor, 4 meters higher than the street, and private areas on the second floor.

br_031213_01 br_031213_02 br_031213_03 br_031213_04 br_031213_05 br_031213_06 br_031213_07 br_031213_08 br_031213_09 br_031213_10 br_031213_11 br_031213_12 br_031213_13 br_031213_14 br_031213_15 br_031213_16 br_031213_17 br_031213_18 br_031213_19 br_031213_20 br_031213_21 br_031213_22 br_031213_23 br_031213_24 br_031213_25 br_031213_26

Design: Anastasia Arquitetos

Photography: Jomar Braganca

Urban Townhome Model by Cecconi Simone

Interior designers Cecconi Simone have completed a townhome model for a community of residences in Toronto, Canada.



This 840 s.f. model by Cecconi Simone represents a community of urban residences envisioned for Downtown West, Toronto. Conceived around the principals of Active House, a Danish movement committed to healthy and sustainable interior environments, the model brings to life a complete townhome ground-floor.

The show space features an open-plan live–cook–dine area centered on a skylight in the kitchen zone. A wall-to-wall run of custom millwork spans its entire length, with white matte-lacquer built-ins, white Corian counter-backsplash and syncopated walnut niches forming a sweeping backdrop to the extended kitchen-island, in black melamine with counter in black engineered-quartz and breakfast bar / dining surface in solid walnut. The result is a striking interplay of surface planes: pale and dark, matte and reflective, horizontal and vertical.

The model ensuite, arranged around a skylight, includes custom white lacquer and walnut vanities with custom Corian sinks and walnut niches over the tub. The shower and water closet are enclosed in clear and translucent glass, imbuing the space with dimensional complexity.

cs_031213_01 cs_031213_02 cs_031213_03 cs_031213_04 cs_031213_05 cs_031213_06 cs_031213_07 cs_031213_08

Design: Cecconi Simone Inc.

Photography: Joy von Tiedemann