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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Cool Infographics 30% Off at Amazon This Weekend ONLY!

Cool Infographics 30% Off at Amazon This Weekend ONLY!

El Fabuloso by MEMA Arquitectos

MEMA Arquitectos have designed El Fabuloso, a bar located in Bogota, Colombia. Description El Fabuloso is one of the most exclusive bars in Bogota. It is all made of wood structured in a rare form that is intented as an entirely acoustic element. Located at a rooftop on a building locates in one of Bogota’s busiest and most exclusive streets. The principal idea of the project became with the idea of having a picnic in a 7th floor, the idea of celebrate the sun, celebrate the sunset. So that is why the project is designed as a large wooden basket that contains different atmospheres that the costumers can discover as they walk thru. El Fabuloso also has several terraces that work as lookouts to several parts of the city with a different atmosphere that you can get inside. Each terrace contains different elements that combined with the facade can be understood as a landscape. The ceiling is designed in wood because this material have the characteristic of giving to the sound a major