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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Findlay Residence by Splyce Design

Splyce Design have completed the Findlay Residence located in North Vancouver, Canada. Description The Findlay Residence is located on a flat, irregular shaped site in North Vancouver. Designed for a young active family of four, the principal living spaces of the home are organized around a two storey exterior void within the main volume of the building. Planted with bamboo and glazed on either side, this cutout serves to create separation between spaces without fully disengaging them from one another. On the main floor, the bamboo garden subtly divides the kitchen/dining space from the living area- a dynamic that serves the family well with their busy and differing schedules. On the upper floor, the tall bamboo from below screens the master bedroom sleeping and change area from its adjoining bathroom. These two spaces are connected with a glazed bridge. Light and shadow animate the white walls by the passing sun as it enters through the large skylight above the central staircase.

OLTU Fridge Keeps Your Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Longer

OLTU Fridge utilizes the heat produced from the back of your fridge, wasted energy, and transforms it to cool the “totem” of vegetables and fruits through cooling by evaporation. These days we simply keep everything in the fridge simply by thinking all products we eat are stored in best way to last longer. When it comes to vegetables and fruits, fridge is not always your best option. How many times have you thrown rotting veggies/fruits away from your fridge? The main goal of this project is to provide you with a method of the best way to store your fruits and vegetables properly as well as avoid wasting food, money, and energy. The heat from your fridge rises and affects the double wall of the clay containers, and with the help of water contained between the walls, these containers are able to reduce the temperature to create ideal atmosphere for your group of vegetables. Fridge is important to keep your meat, fish, and milk properly, but it’s not the same with vegetables and fruits

Seven Myths of Email Marketing

Seven Myths of Email Marketing

Wellbeing Toilet – Next Generation Toilet Enhances Your Body Position for Proper Elimination

Wellbeing Toilet is a redesigned toilet as part of a challenged commissioned by Dyno-Rod, the plumbing and drains specialists, to come up with better toilet design . This project aims to raise awareness to upgrade our current 130-year old flush toilet for better health and environment. This is the winning toilet prototype. “The wellbeing toilet looks at the health and wellbeing aspect of getting rid of your bodily waste by enhancing the position of your body by enabling you to squat rather than sit.” One thing that crossed our mind when we saw this design: “are you kidding me?”. Squatting to poop has been known so much healthier than sitting, but most westerners think squat toilet as primitive and outdated, just because they’ve never seen one until they visit Asia. Now, they claim squat toilet is the future…oh dear, it’s been here all along. Squatting position promotes better colon cleaning and faster elimination, just try it! Designer : Pierre Papet, Victor Johansson, and Samuel She