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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Masaru Shichinohe - Arte

Recojo una muestra de las obras de " Masaru Shichinohe ", si te gusta y quieres ver más pásate por su web.

UNStudio completes Hanjie Wanda Square

UNStudio have recently completed the facade and interior design of Hanjie Wanda Square in Wuhan, China. Description Hanjie Wanda Square is a luxury shopping plaza which houses international brand stores, world-class boutiques, catering outlets and cinemas. Unstudio’s approach to the design of the Hanjie Wanda Square combines both contemporary and traditional design elements in one concept. The concept of synergy of flows is key to all of the design components; the fluid articulation of the building envelope, the programming of the dynamic façade lighting and its content design and the interior pattern language which guides customers from the central atria to the upper levels and throughout the building via linking corridors. The interior concept is developed around the North and South atria, creating two different, yet integrated atmospheres. Variations in geometry, materials and details define these differing characters. The North atrium is characterized by warm golden and bronze

Orphan Hippo and His 130-Year-Old Friend (8 pics)

Paform Emergency Transporter to Support Search and Rescue Operations

For decades, natural disaster strikes human being with no sign and prediction, causing a huge impact around the world. By taking inspiration from the major disasters happened in recent years, a multi-terrain crawler transport has been designed to provide relief and ease the situation for the victims and support the rescue team during the rescue operation. Paform , an autonomous transporter inspired by pangolin has been designed to aid the rescue team like China International Search and Rescue (CISAR) to perform the rescue operation in any situation and environment. Designed by Jex Chau , this futuristic vehicle offers the team a quick response and a multi‐function robot to transport food, shelter, medical supplies or utility vehicles into the disaster areas. Designer : Jex Chau Powered by a solar reactor with water powered system, PAFORM can operate 24/7 without charging and also can sustain itself. In addition, with the aid of the robotic legs and magnetic claws features on the b