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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Qbic Hotel by Blacksheep

Blacksheep have recently completed the interior design of Qbic, an affordable pod style hotel located in London. Description The innovative new hotel is a UK first and the sister hotel to Qbic Amsterdam, an affordable pod style hotel for the budget savvy traveller. Key to Qbic’s offer is their modular bedrooms, called Cubis. These futuristic living spaces are made off-site and can be easily installed to exacting specifications. Blacksheep’s brief was to design the spaces which would be named after domestic home spaces including a Cubi dining/living area and library. The spaces would not only translate Qbic’s strong brand identity and philosophy but also reflect the charm and vibrancy of its East London location in Whitechapel. The ultimate ethos behind Qbic is that it integrates into the local community, creating a welcoming and flexible space for all to enjoy and belong. It takes inspiration from the creative energy of the East End and infuses this with its own brand values

Pug Shaming (23 pics)

I feel sorry for these little fellows.

Thanksgiving Table Setting Diagrams

Thanksgiving Table Setting Diagrams

Eye Ring Braille Scanner Allows Visually Impaired People to Read A Book

Eye Ring Braille Scanner is a concept ring device that provides a chance for visually impaired people to read books. You can find new and relevant knowledge by reading books, unfortunately not all people have the luxury to do so, there are not many Braille books available. This futuristic device is a ring type Braille scanner, it’s easy to wear and take off when needed to. The outer part of the ring scans letters in which Braille point at the inner part appears, the circle area of the scanner reads the nearest starting letter first. Visually impaired people can hear the information through out connecting device such as Bluetooth earphones. User can easily turn it on/off by rotating the control wheel, very convenient, isn’t it? Designer : Jeong Yong Voice Stick : Portable Text Scanning Device For The Visually Impaired Technology is improving day by day and many of the innovations are being planned for various segments of people. Many of the innovations are also