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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Baleia Condo by Studio Arthur Casas

Studio Arthur Casas have designed the Baleia Condo in São Sebastião, Brazil. Description The location of this condo is unique, between a large rain forest reserve that covers the mountains of Serra do Mar and the almost untouched beach of Baleia, in the northern coast of the state of São Paulo. Our client wanted to build four houses in the plot that is relatively small. The project had to ally privacy for each house with an architecture that should reveal the landscape. Our idea was to create a single plan for all the houses that should work as a unity taking advantage of the diagonal of the plot. By doing so the wall of the neighboring house could become an interesting space for the adjacent house, in a delicate game of constructed and empty spaces. The house is relatively narrow but very rich in paths and views. Description continued after the gallery Description continued The section demonstrates quite clearly this division of spaces. A ce

Mayra Rosale Has Lost Weight (7 pics)

In 2008, Mayra Rosale became famous as a Half-Ton Killer after she fell on her 2-year-nephew Eliseo and killed him. She was found not guilty, and her sister Jaime is serving a 15-year sentence for abusing a child. Her weight was around 1,000 lbs (450 kg) back then. Now, 32-year-old woman got rid of 600 lbs (270 kg) of weight. She looks much better now.

EFF Encrypt The Web Report

EFF Encrypt The Web Report

The Empire by Residential Attitudes

Residential Attitudes have designed “The Empire” display home near Perth, Western Australia. Description The mid-century modernist movement was characterized by clean simplicity, the integration with nature and meeting the daily needs of the family within. It was with this philosophy in mind that we created “The Empire” display home to achieve the perfect balance of light, volume and the interrelationship between indoor and outdoor environments. Being a narrow site with the solar aspect to the front, the logical conclusion was to set the living areas, kitchen, balcony and master suite on the upper floor nestled amongst the tree canopy. This allowed the upper floor to be bathed in sunlight throughout the year and elevated the home above the street noise below creating a calm peaceful setting. Serviced by a dumbwaiter from the garage, the upper floor translates into a self-styled apartment hidden amongst the trees within a dense urban environment. With the desire to cater for multi-