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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Finding Waldo by Visualizing Patterns

Finding Waldo by Visualizing Patterns

The Obagi Skin Health Institute by Horst Architects

Horst Architects have designed The Obagi Skin Health Institute in Laguna Beach, California. Description The Obagi Skin Health Institute in Laguna Beach, California is a boutique medical, retail and educational facility for ZO Skin Health. The founder of the company, Dr. Zein Obagi, is a board certified practicing dermatologist in Beverly Hills, California, and an author and educator that has presented more than 200 skin health lectures throughout the world. For more than 35 years Dr. Obagi has defined and continues to advance skincare to include the concept of creating and maintaining healthy skin as opposed to just treating disease and damaged skin. Dr. Obagi’s principal requirement was that the building reflect his life-long passion for helping people live with healthy skin. He also wanted this building to be of our time, to be inclusive of the science and technology available to us, rather than adapt a nostalgic approach architectural style. Additionally, given the limited spac

Kubo Electric Scooter by Lit Motors

Kubo electric scooter is a unique, fun scooter to ride around the city. The hollow body reminds us to Stinger and Cargo , well, great minds think alike. Kubo (read: “koo-bo”) is able to carry anything you need or your daily essentials to anywhere you want to go, it’s 100-percent electric. Lit Motors is a company that adores 2-wheeled vehicles, we have featured C-1 Gyroscopically Electric Motorcycle previously and now they want to offer you a newly designed motor scooter. The problem with existing scooter is the ability to carry stuff, keeping this in mind, the company started to design a concept scooter during their free time to see if they could develop their own innovative scooter. Designer : Lit Motors Kubo electric scooter is a new form of our urban transportation, it can reach a top speed of 45mph and 50 miles/charge. The 22-inch square cargo area comes with rails, hooks, and loop to secure any items you carry. This scooter can accommodate up to 300lbs capacity (cargo and

Futuristic Nissan 3E Wearable Device

Nissan 3E wearable device will be unveiled at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. It looks like Google glass will have a new competitor. At first sight, this glasses-type wearable device features a small screen located directly in front of wearer’s eye with a wraparound head band. You can connect this device to the internet in real time allowing you to get wide variety of information on the glasses or communicate with others while sending different kind of information to the glasses. There are not much details yet, but we’ll update this post once we have more information. From : Nissan Communicaid System To Faciliate A Communication Between Hearing and Non-Hearing People Communicaid system has been designed to facilitate a communication between deaf or hearing impaired people and hearing people. One of our senses that enable us to interact with our environment and other people would be our ears, however for hearin... Futuristic Mobile Device with Advanced Search Function The idea of thi