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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Lauren Wilhelm - Arte

Recojo una muestra de las obras de " Lauren Wilhelm ", si te gustan y quieres ver más pásate por su web.

Moraga Residence by Jennifer Weiss Architecture

Jennifer Weiss Architecture have completed the interior renovation of the Moraga Residence, located in California. Description This interior architectural remodel transformed an existing awkward, dark, ranch house into a modern, light and view filled space – with a limited budget. With strategic moves, the interior architecture was transformed. The plan was rationalized: the kitchen was almost tripled in size; the plan was made efficient; an entry way was gained by creatively modifying a hallway; relocating the laundry area created room for a new office, created privacy for the powder room, and allowed for a much needed storage wall for the children. Exterior windows and doors were replaced with wider, taller, stained wood openings. Phase II includes work to the exterior architecture of the house and began in the fall of 2013. Design: Jennifer Weiss Architecture Photography: Lucas Fladzinski

Ardmore Residence by UNStudio

UNStudio have designed the Ardmore Residence, a residential tower located in Singapore. Description In recent years high-rise residential towers is Asia have undergone a significant transformation. No longer only mass replicated tower blocks dot the skyline of most Asian cities, a new generation of bespoke towers now provide aesthetic, singular silhouettes and incorporate comfortable living spaces, attractive landscaped gardens and an array of amenities for residents. The Ardmore Residence at 7 Ardmore Park in Singapore is one of this new breed of residential towers. Located in a prime location close to the Orchard Road luxury shopping district the Ardmore Residence enjoys both expansive views of the panoramic cityscape of Singapore City and the vast green areas of its immediate western and eastern surroundings. The primary concept for the design of the 36 storey, 17.178 m² residential tower is a multi-layered architectural response to the natural landscape inherent to the

Sani Bubble – Concept Hand Sanitizer Designed for Kids

Sani Bubble is a hand sanitizer designed especially for kids. There are many hand sanitizers in the market, but all of them are just dull devices that dispense alcohol based sanitizing liquid. This concept sanitizer uses bubbles, fun and playful forms to encourage kids to clean their hands. Children are usually drawn to touch bubbles and play with them, in this way, we can associate the idea of keeping their hands clean is really fun. There are 3 small round shaped transparent windows that you can check to find out when you need to refill. Designer : Sunghoon Park Casabella Cleaning Robot Concept by Elliot Cohen Casabella cleaning robot concept has been designed to celebrate Casabella 25th anniversary, it was shown at the International Housewares Show 2013, Chicago. Since the company is in cleaning and kitchen gadgets industry, this industrial designer ha... Power Hog : Teach Your Kids How to Conserve Energy Do you have difficulty in teaching your kids to con

17 LinkedIn Profile Must-Haves

17 LinkedIn Profile Must-Haves

Vacuum Dryer – A Combination of Dryer and Vacuum Cleaner by Jeong Shin Yoon Vacuum Dryer by Jeong Shin Yoon

Vacuum dryer is a concept study inspired by the problem that occurs when we usually dry our hair. Everyone with long hair will understand this problem, there are so many strands fall to the floor whenever you brush and dry the hair in the morning. Most of us just don’t have the time to clean all those hair on the floor especially when we are really busy and need to go right away or simply just lazy . If this situation is repeated everyday, you might face embarrassing situation when there’s a guest coming over. Vacuum dryer is a combination of a dryer and a vacuum cleaner , you probably can guess from the name itself. It’s been designed to dry you hair and clean right away those strands of hair from the floor easily and effortlessly. This boomerang shaped device has 2 sides where the thicker side functions as a hair dryer, a hot air blows toward the user. The other side works as a vacuum that sucks all strands hair out of the floor, once you’re done, remove the spout from this device