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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Nissan BladeGlider Concept Car Revolutionizes The Architecture of Our Conventional Vehicles

Debuting at Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan BladeGlider concept car is the latest future vision of Nissan e-vehicle . It was the result of exploring the prototype of Nissan ZEOD RC . Led by Francois Bancon, a division general manager of Product Strategy and Product Planning at Nissan, this project has resulted in a deltoid-shape vehicle with a narrow front track instead of the conventional shape which dominates the roads since earliest days of the internal combustion engine. This design certainly stands out among the crowd. Bancon explained that the main goal of this project was to revolutionize the architecture of our vehicle to trigger new emotions of both driver and passenger. This futuristic vehicle is meant to provide new value and new visibility for consumers to realize that Zero Emissions can redefine our conception of vehicle basics. Designer : Nissan Nissan BladeGlider features soaring, silent, panoramic freedom of a glider while the triangular shape offers a high performa

REVIVE Alarm Clock Creates Effect of Simulated Sunlight In Your Room

I’m not a morning person, well, I bet most of you aren’t too. I have to drag myself out from under the blanket, I even hate my alarm clock for making that noise, well, the idea of having an alarm clock is actually unnatural. Revive is a concept device that enhances our morning rituals by eliminating unnecessary sleepiness or drowsiness. Our body reacts naturally to the sunlight and sounds in the morning, but an alarm clock usually forces us to suddenly wake up causing headache, stress, and unawareness. These issues inspired Jason Putra, an Indonesian industrial designer to come up with a solution. He designed a smart device that can avoid morning breakdown, the basic idea is to integrate an alarm and light in an effective way to reduce all those inefficiencies. Designer : Jason Putra Revive alarm clock works by simulating the sunlight effect approximately 30 minutes before your wake up time. It gradually opens the top part of the device and emits a soft, bright light. In

Camel Spiders (20 pics)

Camel spiders not only look scary. They move fast and eat a lot. A camel spider will eat and eat until its body is swollen with food and it can hardly move.

Two Years Without Steve Jobs: Has Apple Crumbled?

Two Years Without Steve Jobs: Has Apple Crumbled?

Mimosa Road by Park + Associates

Park + Associates have designed a house in Singapore named Mimosa Road. Description Mimosa Road was first introduced as a reconstruction further the idea developed into a new erection residential project that unfolds more of its potential to suit both the client’s demands and the architect’s ideas. Park + Associates aimed to capture modern design through clean straight lines and massive forms compensated by meticulous and creative selection of materials to keep a warm rustic touch to the feel of the house. One from these materials is burnt orange brick that reconnects the history of the original house prominently having exposed bricks all throughout. Design: Park + Associates Photography: Edward Hendricks