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crossconnectmag:Illustrations by Ceyda Alasar, an artist from... crss

Menlo Oaks 2 by Ana Williamson Architect

Architect Ana Williamson has completed a contemporary addition to a 1960′s Eichler house located in Menlo Park, California. Description The existing house, a 1960’s Eichler nestled under a thick oak canopy in a Menlo Park neighborhood, was still in its original condition when our client first acquired it 10 years ago. From that time until we met, he entertained several expansion ideas that were inspired by a continuously evolving program. However, his deep affection for midcentury modern design, coupled with a fear of overwhelming the simplicity of the original structure both conspired to stall any tangible progress for most of those 10 years. The initial design objective wasn’t clearly delineated when we started to work together with our client. We generated several preliminary concepts as the scope of the project fluctuated between a minimal remodel approach and a more comprehensive undertaking. Ultimately, after several schematic design explorations, we established a soli

Dorian Vallejo - Arte

Recojo una muestra de las obras de " Dorian Vallejo ", si te gustan y quieres ver más pásate por alguna de sus webs.

Gatineau Hills by Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc.

Architect Christopher Simmonds has recently completed a single family home in Quebec, Canada. Architect: Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc. Photography: Peter Fritz Photography

Gaming Then and Now (7 pics)

Bamboochopper Cutting Board Suitcase by Iskander van Wagtendonk

Bamboochopper is an ideal product for traveling chef. It’s a cutting board suitcase where inside, you can find essential tools you need to prepare a meal, a stove and a knive. It’s a nice thing to carry when you leave your home for a work lunch or for private picnic with friends, very stylish and elegant. Even when you ride a bike, this cutting board suitcase fits perfectly in your bicycle crate, nice huh? Designer : Iskander van Wagtendonk Fusion Wooden Kitchen Knives Collection by Andrea Ponti East and West. Industrial design and craftsmanship. Two cultures and two design languages usually far apart from one another blend in the common language of design and tell the story of a project that spans from research to the creation of innovat... Folding Bike Concept by Kilo Estudio Folding bike design evolves every single day in order to provide us with best transportation, easier and more efficient in big cities. This concept folding bike is built over an aluminum ch

AVA Smart Shell Connects Your Smartphone With Your Social Network Status

AVA Smart Shell helps you interact on social networks easily, let’s face it, nowadays we all have different virtual status on social networks linked to our physical activities or moods. This concept phone case has the ability to connect your social network status with your smartphone, simply moving it up/down to translate your status busy/available or change your phone mode vibrate/ringtone. It improves our efficiency, productivity, as well as interaction with your smartphone. AVA Smart Shell works with custom application that synchronizes status of different social networks, it has built-in accelerometer or gyroscope that translates the incline position into status changes. This concept phone case is meant to connect you between physical and virtual world. Designer : Germain Verbrackel Express Your Personality With AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2 Express yourself without sacrificing the design with Smart Case for iPad2 from AViiQ. This award winning mobile electro