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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Brilliant Things from 4Chan (22 pics)

The History of 007

The History of 007

Toyota FV2 Futuristic Vehicle Doesn’t Use Steering Wheel, Shift Your Body to Steer!

Toyota has released several concept vehicles during 43rd Tokyo Motor Show, one of them is Toyota FV2 futuristic vehicle , the show will run from Nov 20 to Dec 1. This concept vehicle represents Toyota’s slogan “Fund to Drive, Again”, this is Toyota’s vision of our future mobility where the society values the joy of driving like never before. This project symbolizes Toyota’s efforts to contribute to future mobility while creating better vehicle that exceed expectations. In the future, we believe our vehicle technology would have greatly progressed which also means we would experience enhanced driving experience. FV2 tries to connect the driver physically and emotionally with the vehicle, the more you use it, the more fun to drive the vehicle. From : Toyota Toyota FV2 doesn’t use a steering wheel, instead, it is operated by the driver shifting his or her body to intuitively move the vehicle forward, back, left, or right. Can you imagine driving your car like this? It would be

Pony Restaurant by Woods Bagot

Woods Bagot have designed the Pony Restaurant in Brisbane, Australia. Description The first Pony restaurant outside Sydney has opened on Brisbane’s Eagle Street Pier, with Woods Bagot’s interiors centring around the sight and smell of an authentic charcoal grill. Drawing from the texture and forms of pony stables, Woods Bagot’s design team created a two-metre steel ribbon that winds through the space, implying soft metal that can be forged and shaped, reminiscent of a horse shoe or the curved line of a lasso loop. The stables were also evoked through choice of raw materials, exposed brick, raw steel, rough-sawn timber, wash troughs and exposed roughneck copper pipework, combined with comfortable leather upholstered furniture like a horse saddle. The food was also a major inspiration for the design of the restaurant, with the layout of the space centring around the theatre of the open rotisserie and grill, which allows patrons to view the spirited chefs, headed by Brisbane-

B-Dry : A Concept Dryer to Replace Your Towel in The Bathroom

B-Dry is a concept appliance that offers to solve our drying issues after shower. Unclean and wet towels and bath mats are the source of germs and bacteria, not to mention the musty smell. This concept appliance removes towel from your bathroom, it will dry you fast and easy before you are out of your shower. This concept works by blowing air to dry your body, simply rotate the dryer to choose the power level of blowing. However, based on many researches, it is said that drying by blowing hot air might increase bacterial on your skin, but these researches were done for public washroom hand dryer. We hope that the designer also complete B-Dry with UV Disinfection Light feature to solve the issue. Designer : Simon Lauwerier Dry and Clean by PureDesign Dry and Clean is a concept towel dryer to ensure your wet towel dry and clean, free from smell and bacteria. It uses ultraviolet (UV) light to disinfects your damp towel, making it soft and fluffy. The miniature tur