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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Hyperion Hybrid Supercar by Anej Kostrevc

Hyperion Hybrid Supercar concept was created to push our understanding of what a supercar should look and feel like. It is a plug in hybrid, enabling the driver to master longer distances with only electric propulsion. When more power is needed, the combustion engine seamlessly transmits additional torque to the rear wheels, giving the vehicle even more boost for dynamic and sporty driving experience. Front wheels are driven via two electric motors, one in each wheel. Due to smart battery placement, center of gravity is extremely low, making the vehicle stick to the road when taking corners. Designer : Anej Kostrevc The exterior design was meant to capture the split personality of the vehicle itself, with the two tone color scheme adding to the two part body panels. The top shell seats on the lower panel which is clearly visible in the double shoulder line. Longer wheelbase adds a more dramatic and firm stance to the side view. Interior is designed around the driver to provide m

Download A Free Sample Chapter from the Cool Infographics Book #coolinfobook

Download A Free Sample Chapter from the Cool Infographics Book #coolinfobook

Casa Cor by Pedro Lázaro

Architect Pedro Lázaro has designed Casa Cor, an annex to a house located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Architect: Pedro Lázaro Photography: Jomar Braganca