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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

La Sentinelle by naturehumaine

naturehumaine have recently completed La Sentinelle, a single family home in Quebec, Canada. Description After selling their previous country house because of the lack of natural light, a couple and their 3 kids decided to buy an empty lot and build a custom home to better suit their needs. They found a parcel of land with southern exposure at vast views of the lake ‘Lac-de-la-Cabane’. The constraints of the site led to an L shaped footprint where an east-west oriented rectangular block was placed at the top of the topography, and a north-south oriented block was slid underneath. The upper block contains the living spaces and master bedroom, and the lower block, also known as the ‘kids zone’, contains the 3 children’s bedrooms and a games room. A folded roof rises from the lower block covering the upper block and extending towards the cliffs edge as if it were about to take off, reminiscent of the wings of a bird. We see the house as a bird sitting at the edge of the cliff

Interesting Facts about Your Body (23 pics)

Cat Hilt Active Lifestyle Vehicle by Vasilatos Ianis

CAT Hilt Active Lifestyle Vehicle has been designed for Active Lifestyle competition, since we all want to find a vehicle that meets all needs of our lifestyle, whether you are a swimmer, mountain biker, kayaker, soccer mom, runner, or a hockey dad. This concept vehicle offers a badass transportation that meets your needs without compromising aesthetics or comfort. The competition was supported by in conjunction with the 2013 Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year Awards and Local Motors. CAT Hilt, the word hilt means handle of the sword, consisting of a guard grip and pommel, it’s based on the idea of rugged products such as radios, cameras, phones, etc. Any rugged equipments usually take years in production and many companies that make the steps in development of those products are usually construction companies, fortunately, in the past few years these innovations have been put in our everyday life products. Designed by Vasilatos Ianis , CAT Hilt is a big, muscle car