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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Becca Stadtlander - Arte

Recojo una muestra de las obras de " Becca Stadtlander ", si te gustan y quieres ver más pásate por su web.

The Magnificent Multitude of Beer

The Magnificent Multitude of Beer

The World We've Made(11 Pics)

By Pawel Kuczynski

The Modern Workforce

The Modern Workforce

Mach-19 Concept Yacht by Jin Won Heo

Mach-19 concept yacht was designed as part of a school project by Jin Won Heo. Unfortunately there are no details we can get from the designer, but we can tell this yacht features elegant lines with large swimming pool at the deck. We also notice a side deck on both sides which hopefully large enough where 2 people can walk side by side. Let’s hope the next project of Jin Won Heo is completed with detail interior images, we look forward to hearing from you again Jin! Designer : Jin Won Heo Mach-19 Concept Yacht by Jin Won Heo is originally posted on Tuvie

Brewbot : Smart Brewing Appliance by Cargo

Now you can brew your own high quality beers with Brewbot . It’s a project where technology meets brewing, you can control the brewing process using your smartphone, pretty cool huh? Even if you’ve never brewed before, it won’t be a problem. This appliance offers easy to use, controlled environment which is also aesthetically pleasing, it allows brewers to focus on the recipes instead of the brewing process. To some people, brewing can be a complicated task, the process might be daunting for anyone who considers to take their passion for craft beer to a new level. Most of you will spend more time looking at the thermometers or timers, instead of thinking about ingredients and recipes. Designer : Cargo [ Order It Here ] BrewBot enables you to craft consistently high quality beer whether you are at home, office, or events, something that you hardly can do when brewing manually. Test your new recipes, tweak the ingredients, and experiment with new flavors, be the master brewer and c

Foxground Farmhouse by Roth Architecture

Roth Architecture have designed a contemporary addition to a traditional Australian farmhouse located on a rural property on the South Coast of New South Wales. Description Designed as a holiday house for a modern family, the building provides three new bedrooms, a living area, kitchen and dining area, pool and deck. The new building restores the relationship between the collection of existing buildings on the site, framing the original farmhouse while integrating with the setting. The use of steel cladding celebrates the existing rusted sheds surrounding. The L – shaped structure provides light and visual connections between spaces, creating a home that provides a secluded retreat and an inviting sense of enclosure. Architecture: Roth Architecture Photography: Murray Fredericks