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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Centennial Tree House by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Wallflower Architecture + Design have completed the Centennial Tree House in Singapore. Description The owner wanted external blank walls. Then talk continued to fixed screens. Centre courtyard for light and air. These summed up for them, the tangible facets of an ideal home, a protective enclosure of solitude. Introversion has a negative connotation in a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else. But what is withdrawal to some is energizing for those who thrive on self-reflection and contemplation; life is found within. That fortitude and strength is visually given expression by a hundred year old frangipani tree literally found within, centred in a large grassed courtyard surrounded with water. The tree was given a new lease of life having been rescued from a Holland Road site slated for new development. True to the owners’ requirements, the facade is entirely sealed off in most areas, and veiled by fixed timber screening in others. The purity of intentio

Kasmer Residence by Wilson Architects

Wilson Architects have designed the renovation of the Kasmer Residence in Noosa, Australia. Description The Kasmer residence (previously known as the Prell House) was designed by renowned architect Gabriel Poole in 1997. The Mediterranean and Mexican influenced design consisted of a series of living and sleeping spaces around a central courtyard on a steeply sloping site. The careful arrangement of the spaces protected from the prevailing sea breezes, and opened the house up to the Northern aspect while maintaining privacy. In many ways, the design was idiosyncratic. The new owners wanted more living space and all-weather connections between the sleeping quarters, without sacrificing the unique character of the place. The key to the new design remains the central Outdoor Room, which is the new hub of the house. It has a translucent battened roof, which links the living spaces during all but the most inclement weather. The timber seating, landscaping and green wall maintain the out

You Know You’re A Douchebag When…..(14 pics)

CLASSIC DOUCHEBAGS Source The post You Know You’re A Douchebag When…..(14 pics) appeared first on Seriously, For Real? .